In cyber security, no matter how many advanced tools are in use, human intervention is paramount. A virtual chief information security officer is a service which offers an organisation the knowledge and skills of a Chief Information Security Officer without the costs of a full-time position.

The role typically involves managing the security posture of a company, ensuring compliance with regulations, training and educating staff about security and incident response. Usually, a vCISO can be an individual or a team providing services remotely.


v-CISO benifits

v-CISO qualifications:

Ideally, a vCISO should have a combination of technical skills, leadership skills with business acumen.

The individual should have deep understanding of IT systems, cybersecurity tools and techniques and emerging threats which includes a wide knowledge in firewalls, encryption, detection systems, data loss prevention, data breach, and other cyber security technologies. They should also have a good understanding of governance, risk and compliance and frameworks widely known such as ISO27001, NIST, SOC II Type II and others.

The individual should possess relevant certifications which includes Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and others.

A vCISO should have thorough understanding of the organisation’s structure and the regulatory landscape where they operate.

What scenarios call for a v-CISO Service?

  • Need a strategic roadmap for compliance and security.
  • Your customers, partners or board members expect that someone has the “CISO” role.
  • You need to prove you are demonstrably secure to key stakeholders.
  • Lack of clear vision of where your security is now and/or where you want to go.
  • Multiple compliance requirements and/or GDPR in particular.
  • You need security experience in your industry (eg. SaaS, Legal, Financial).
  • Need for someone with a CISO title for compliance.

Why DigiFortex v-CISO Services?

Our team of professionals have years of experience in handling cyber security for large organizations. We are a skilled specialist service, not a general practitioner. Our vCISO services brings a highly-experienced vCISO along with a team of specialists who meet organization’s cyber security requirements in different domains.

How much does v-CISO cost?

The cost of a virtual CISO depends on various factors such as complexity of cyber security needs, duration of engagement, level of expertise required, scope of service, qualification of the CISO, Experience of CISO etc. In some instances, CISO is charged hourly basis or monthly basis.

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