Case Study: v-CISO & DPO for a Top AI Company in US

Case Study: v-CISO & DPO for a Top AI Company in US


A top AI company, based in India, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Singapore, and operating within strict regulatory regimen (global data protection laws) faced stiff challenges in its growth.


During its global expansion into European, UK, Canadian and Australian markets, it encountered challenges related to Security, Privacy and Compliance. It lost deals, which it could have won, across these regions. Soon after, it reached out to DigiFortex.


DigiFortex Team took charge as v-CISO & DPO and set up the GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) structure. The team did a thorough study and addressed all the root causes inhibiting growth. Within 2-5 months, the AI company got all the deals that it had lost earlier because of Security, Privacy, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance reasons.

Team DigiFortex played a pivotal role in obtaining significant GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) accreditations for the company, including ISO 27001 ISMS and ISO 27701 PIMS from Intertek, a globally renowned accreditation body founded by Thomas Edison.

Besides, DigiFortex v-CISO team worked closely with the Sales Team of this AI company and shortened its Sales Cycle by owning up Security, Privacy, GRC pieces that typically derails procurements. At times, DigiFortex also took up crucial 1-on-1 discussions and representations with potential CISOs, CIOs, Customers to fast-track sales.


Lastly, v-CISO from DigiFortex took charge of various aspects of information security and advanced security measures, metrics driven BCP/DR, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VA/PT), Cyber Resiliency, Threat Intelligence, Red Teaming, DevSecOps, Secure Coding Practices, Data Privacy Compliance with global regulatory norms and Security/Privacy Trainings.

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