Case Study: Security Assessment for a Small & Medium Enterprise

Case Study: v-CISO & DPO for a Top AI Company in US


This SME is a 10-year-old company based in Gurgaon and Bangalore. This SME has both web and mobile applications that enhance sales for retailer, dealers, and distributors across FMCG, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, F&B amongst others segments and distribution channels in 17 countries.


The SME wanted to sell its mobile application (a Sales Catalyst) to a biggest global petrochemical company operating in 100+ countries. The petrochemical giant wanted to evaluate the security of the web and mobile applications as part of its procurement process. To do so, it called its security partner, one of the top consulting firms, to validate the security posture of the SME’s application.

The SME hired DigiFortex to do a quick security assessment of its mobile and web application across multiple languages including Arabic.


DigiFortex did the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of the mobile and web application on multiple languages including Arabic. DigiFortex Team also shared videos of the vulnerabilities and the steps performed to exploit those weaknesses so that the SME could immediately understand and address the root causes without much external help.


DigiFortex team found 44 security bugs while the big consulting firm found only 32 bugs. DigiFortex also found 11 high severity bugs while the big consulting company found only 4 High severity bugs.

These findings helped the SME address the fixes on time while roping in the petrochemical giant as its new customer. The quest for survival made DigiFortex outperform the big consulting firm. In the end, the SME client was very happy.

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